Notes and photos from the road – Touring Texas and more!


I recently spent three weeks down in Texas playing shows in Houston, Austin, Ft. Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and a small town called Eastland. Thanks to some of my talented friends, I had the pleasure of playing great rooms and meeting a lot of new folks. The highs of the trip were playing the shows, hanging with great people (including my little sister), visiting cool parts of each of the cities and eating lots of tacos. The lows of the trip were an $180 speeding ticket (ouch!) and giant roaches (both happened to be in Waco). I had a blast and can’t wait to play Texas again sooner than later!

I also had the pleasure of playing in Mississippi and Tennessee, coming back to Boston for a big show in my hometown and then playing a sold out show at one of my new favorite venues in Maryland. 


Here’s a pictorial review…

Rockin with Ryan for a full room at WDVX’s Blue Plate Special in Knoxville, TN


Playing for the public radio folks at Thacker Mountain Radio Hour in Oxford, MS
A fun night with the Steel Wheels in Dallas!


A sweet show in Austin with my talented friend Wendy Colonna



Wonderful night at the Mucky Duck in Houston w/Wendy Colonna & Charlie Faye



Breakfast at a host’s beautiful home after a great house concert the night before




Going for a swim in a natural spring in Austin. Cold but refreshing!



Back at home for a show at Brighton Music Hall with Girls Guns and Glory & Miss Tess (Jim Scoppa on guitar and thanks to Kathryn Garcia for the photos)


One of my new favorite venues! The Stoltz Listening Room at Avalon Theatre in Easton, MD. This place rocks and I can’t say enough good things about this audience!


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