My vision for the new "One Time" album

Country, gospel, blues, soul and rock and roll. That’s a mouthful, but I think it describes my new CD “One Time.” I love American roots music and my vision for “One Time” was to create a real tribute to this music I love and perform.

When I first met with Lorne Entress, my producer, we discussed mixing traditional acoustic instrumentation like the Dobro, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass with the sounds of classic electric guitar, which I also have a soft spot for.  I had already written most of the music at this point, minus one song. So it really was a matter of determining the right instrumentation to create the sound and feel we were envisioning.

Lorne made the vision a reality. He pulled together the perfect group of musicians to craft the sound we were shooting for. He originally had Kevin Barry lined up for electric guitar, but when Ray Lamontagne came calling, Kevin had to go, which we totally understood.

Lorne then asked guitarist Lyle Brewer to step in. Lyle is the lead guitarist for Sarah Borges (and just happens to be her newly-wedded husband). Lyle is young, but boy, does he know his way around a guitar. He’s in his mid 20s but has such a feel for classic styles of playing – all styles of playing, really. He is incredibly versatile and added a ton to the project. All of the electric solos on the record are his. They are tastefully done and nail the sound I was looking for.

I’ve already written about the other players, but as a refresher… having Roger Williams on Dobro was a real treat and getting to record with Stuart Duncan and have his musical stamp on this was really a dream come true. There are a number of of other instruments including lap steel, mandolin, hammond B, accordion and harmonica. Lorne did an amazing job of getting the right mix on the songs.

In the end, I’m very proud of what we have here. We really captured the music I imagined. I think we’ve even gone beyond what I hoped it would be and according to the response we are getting so far, it seems that others are enjoying listening to the music as much as I enjoyed making it.

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