Mr. Comcast, I'm Ready for My Close Up

It’s taken me SIX MONTHS to write a blog post about the amazing experience I had doing a concert for WUMB Boston and being filmed by Comcast. When I sat down to write this, I was thinking, “Oh, it’s just been a few months.” Then I counted and I was like, “That’s crazy! It’s been half a year!”  Well, time does fly. We all know it’s true. And to borrow another cliche, better late than never.

In October, I had the great pleasure of doing a live show for WUMB 90.9 FM, an awesome station here in Boston that plays folk and Americana. The station was one of the first to play my album “One Time” and has been incredibly supportive of my budding music career. They had me out (as a last minute addition) to play at their festival last summer and then invited me back to do a concert for their members in October.
The excellent Ralph Jaccodine, who I work with closely, was working on a project with Comcast and told me that they would be coming out in full force to film the show.  I didn’t really know what that meant until I got to the venue the day of the show. Comcast had a room full of equipment – multiple monitors, computers and a bunch of guys to run them all. It was command central for the five cameras that would be filming the show. There was a director (go Paula) and a bunch of other folks working for her. I think they had about 15 people in total. This is a crew that’s filmed huge concerts with a dozen cameras, so this shoot was easy as pie for them.

Perhaps the most surprising thing for me as I was coming up to the day of the show was when I saw the schedule and it read, “Amy to make up at 6 pm.” I asked, “Is someone doing my make up?” and the answer was “Yes, they are hiring a make up artist.” That was a first! And thank goodness they did hire the excellent Phoebe Ramler. She did some good work that day! Not just on me. My bass player, John Styklunas asked for a little color too (did I just write that? Sorry John!).

The show itself was a blast. Jay Moberg, the New Music Director and a DJ for WUMB did the interviewing. The crowd, about 200, were super attentive and supportive. It’s always nice when that’s the case.

My favorite camera was the jib. It was floating around and would go all the way to the back of the room then back up to the front. It was the camera getting close ups of my face. I couldn’t help but think of the cheesy moments on shows like American Idol when the singers over play to the jib like they are trying to look into our souls (unsuccessfully). I tried to avoid playing that card, but I had a few cheesy moments. I couldn’t help myself!

The guys in my band did a bang up job that night, as did the Comcast crew and the sound engineer, Grady. And Susan Cattaneo was kind enough to sing background vocals. Everyone was wonderful.

An edited version of the concert aired on Comcast for several months and I’ve got a bunch of expertly filmed high def videos up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Special thanks to Ralph Jaccodine, Pat Monteith (WUMB GM), and Paula McCarthy (Comcast) for making this happen. Not only did I have a great experience and have some excellent video to share with my fans, but I also got a great make up artist out of it. : )

You can watch all most of the songs filmed that night on YouTube. Here’s the playlist.

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