Brick by Brick

By Amy Black © 2011 Got My Dime Music

Under the blanket of an August sun
A man says, Boy, this is how it’s done
He stacks the bricks, one by one
And the boy stands at the ready

It’s week end and cartoons are on
Daddy woke him at the crack of dawn
He said, Son, get up, put your work clothes on
We’ve got a job to do

The school yard just across the tracks
Has a load of bricks sittin in the back
If we go now we’ll have all we lack
To build that brand new chimney

Daddy he could do no wrong
He was big and brave and tall and strong
Belting out an Al Jolson song
Singing Oh, mammy!

Brick by brick and stone by stone
They built that chimney lean and long
It was reaching up to heaven from
The Indiana ground

He was young; he was naive
That’s the reason that he believed
In something that could never be
Oh, no

Good times never seem to last
It’s the hard times that always stick the best
We all need days like this
That we can hold on to

Daddy he could do no wrong
He big and brave and tall and strong
Belting out a Neil Diamond song
Singing blue jean baby!

Now a chimney stands alone
A monument to a time that’s gone
Testimony to what felt strong
When a boy stood at the ready

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